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Sharon. NewhamUnited Kingdom
Bursting Our Bubbles is a book that once you start reading it, you just cannot put it down. It is a book packed and loaded with wisdom, it is not so easy to describe it…it is better experienced.
Alice. StratfordUnited Kingdom
I came across BOB through my friends at the Book club during our monthly book review and the feedback from everyone was exactly the same – awesome book.
Sandra. MiamiFlorida
I won’t be surprised if this book becomes a bestseller. There is nothing stopping this from selling out on a global scale, it simply needs to be promoted properly.
Sri Ramana. WinchesterUnited Kingdom
We have been using BOB as a meditation book at our Yoga centre since we picked up a copy from the author. The book is profound and the amazing thing is that there are different layers of wisdom in every of the poem written…this is not a mainstream book of poetry, this is simply a life changing material.
Esther. LagosNigeria
This BOB book is really magical. I do not want to sound patronizing here, but this is not a usual material. I think it is something that needs to be out there for more people to feel the energy and the silence behind the letters.
Emma, Southend-on-seaUnited Kingdom
The BOB experience is so difficult to describe, you are reading a book that feels like someone is talking to you. The author has a way of passing the message in such a beautiful and simple way. I would keep recommending this to everyone I know.